Victoria Reyes, MA

Curricula Advisory Council

Victoria Reyes is originally from Colombia, though she has been in Austin since 2005 and currently works as a high school humanities and world language teacher at the Austin Waldorf School where she is also the head of her department and the class advisor for the class of 2019. In addition to her inclination toward academic study, she is passionate about working with young people in general and strives to help them develop strong foundations and capacities that will serve them through their development and into the future. Victoria’s activism and passion for social justice have driven her to develop history and social studies curricula for students to discover truths for themselves by looking for evidence from various perspectives and including non-conventional sources.

Victoria has been inspired for years by the work of Unhushed. She has observed first hand, the importance of empowering young people, through education, to behave with respect for others and to make informed decisions. Victoria believes the Unhushed programs support both individuals and groups in our community by making sex education about us as human beings, and placing it in an age-appropriate social health curricular context. Victoria has a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Latin American History/Anthropology from the University of Texas, as well as teaching certificates from Rudolf Steiner College in California and the Spacial Dynamics Institute in New York.