High School Sex Ed Drop In

Join our virtual high school sex ed class. Sundays from 5 to 7 pm CT.

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We run a different session each Sunday evening (see calendar below). Interested in this week's topic? Need a refresher? Have an important question you need an answer to? Join us on a give what you can donation model. We suggest $40 a session to compensate our amazing Human Sexuality Educators.

Date Session
04-11-2021 Power & Control
04-18-2021 Sexual Response
04-25-2021 Pregnancy & Parenting Choices
05-02-2021 Prevention & Contraception
05-09-2021 Facts about STIs
05-16-2021 Checking In On Sexual Health
05-23-2021 Accessing Sexual Healthcare
05-30-2021 Body Media Literacy
06-06-2021 Sexually Explicit Media
06-13-2021 Sexual Rights
06-20-2021 What the Future May Bring