Here at UN|HUSHED we believe in the importance of your parental role in your children’s and teenagers’ sexualty education, whether you are a parent, guardian, or different kind of caregiver.

In fact, family based adults (maybe you!) were your child’s first sexuality educator. It begins with the ways we teach children to think and speak about bodies, continuing through talking about friendships in childhood, and maybe even sexual or romantic connections during adolescence. The importance of your role in your child’s sexuality education is why we have books and coaching just for you!

We believe that young adults should know everything they need to make healthy, independent choices about their own sexuality. Sexuality education is about preparing teenagers to become those sexually healthy young adults.


Community classes

My children both took the classes in middle school. I had friends say it was too risky, and I was shocked. Driving is risky and yet we all do it. Do you really want your child behind the wheel without driver's ed? Now my children are young adults, 22 and 19, and both sexually active. They both practice safer sex. They both delayed sexual activity past most of their peers. I know these things about my children because they learned to speak openly and honestly about sexually in the UN|HUSHED classes and to know themselves better. Don't let your children out on the highway of life without driver's sex ed.

– S. Owens

Community classes

My teenage daughter recently completed a sex ed course with UN|HUSHED and we couldn't be happier. Prior to this class she was very uncomfortable bringing issues of a sexual nature to me for discussion. She is now able to speak freely with me and our relationship is much closer. The class not only offered her the information she needed, but more importantly, it gave her the tools and confidence to make appropriate choices in her life.

– Mom whose child completed the ATX community class

Parent coaching

Karen is extremely insightful and knowledgeable in the field of adolescents. She has been so helpful to me in helping me communicate more deeply with my 15 year old son, especially in the area of sexuality.

– Marianne

Community classes

When asked if I wanted my teen to join this sex ed class, I said “hell, no!” as most courses I knew of were far too narrow-minded. After researching the UN|HUSHED curriculum, I enthusiastically enrolled my daughter and found it to be a fantastic experience for her and her classmates. I HIGHLY recommend these classes!

– Pat D.


"A go-to guide for parents who are looking to prepare their pre-teens or teens with information and support to create sexually healthy lives."

Ready to start (or better yet, continue) the conversation with your teen, but you don't know how to get there? Read these ten simple rules to get the ball rolling. Buy your copy today.


Here at UN|HUSHED we write curriculum on hard topics the easy way, sex ed done right! And our mission is to break the silence surrounding human sexuality. The thing is, sex ed is more than just “sex”. It’s about relationships, communication, and so much more. Learn More Here

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