Trisha Nguyen

Youth Advisory Council

Trisha is from Austin, Texas where she studies Neuroscience and Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. She is passionate about removing the stigma surrounding sex and sexuality through positive and comprehensive sex education and moving towards a society that promotes acceptance to all communities.

Trisha firmly believes sexuality education is a basic human right that provides the information needed to make wise life choices and embrace the diversity of others, as quality education is a proven key player against hateful behavior.

Trisha received abstinence-only sex education through school and her strict religious upbringing, and understands the consequence that can come from a lack of information. This understanding further inspires her advocacy for reproductive, gender, LGBTQ+, and sex worker rights. She was provided a proper, and sex positive, education in college, which juxtaposed her past knowledge rooted in conjecture and media.

Trisha was motivated to find ways to actively improve standard sex education after learning of the directionality of Texas sex ed curriculum and reproductive laws, and after reflecting on her social inability to receive proper sex ed until later in life. She was further driven towards this goal after learning many of her peers also experiencing this inability. She believes that it is unethical to prevent people from receiving informed and medically accurate sex and sexuality education and strives to keep up with its ever-changing body of knowledge. She is excited to be given the opportunity to support UN|HUSHED and its goals.

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