Angelica Benton-Molina


Angelica is committed to the amplification and uplifting of youth voices. She believes that education should give young people a sense of their own inner strength as well as the tools to make informed and healthy choices that allow them to grow in organic and authentic ways.

Angelica has worked with young people around various social justice issues using an antiracist lens and framework since she herself was an adolescent. As part of the People’s Youth Agenda in the late 1990s, she helped facilitate the principles and workshop concepts of the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond to youth aged 9–17 in New Orleans. After receiving her master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine, Angelica became interested in reproductive health with a focus on women’s health and fertility.

This path has led Angelica to understand the inextricable correlation between racism and reproductive health and has fueled her desire to work with youth around reproductive health and social justice. She does this as a public health educator and facilitator for various organizations, including UN|HUSHED.