Alyx Fletcher

Youth Advisory Council

Alyx grew up in the small Texas town Electra (about 30 minutes away from the nearest “real” town, Wichita Falls). Due to migraines, Alyx dropped out of public high school and completed their degree through a home schooling program. They are currently attending TLU in Seguin for a degree in dramatic media.

Alyx joined the YAC because they experienced first hand the lack of proper sex ed the public education systems provides its students: there’s a sprinkling of facts during health class, maybe a few outdated videos or textbooks, and of course, abstinence-only curriculum. Not only was this not enough base line information, it lacked anything about safe sex for people of the LGBTQ+ community. Every functional thing Alyx learned was either found online or from independent reading. They hope that future youth won’t have to scrape together a solid foundation in sexuality education; they should have access to the programming that provides that knowledge!

Alyx considers themself to be an artist, writer, and editor, and also loves photography and theater. They got into writing by reading a lot of young adult fiction like Harry Potter and The Lightning Thief; and while school keeps them busy, they still read daily. Alyx spends their free time unwinding with videogames, playing with their partner's cat, Charlie, and creating content on TikTok.

Pronouns: they/them

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