A Handbook for Nursing Professionals

This handbook is essential for public/community health nurses. It’s comprehensive without being overwhelming, easy to read, and user-friendly. In professional and clear language, the authors answer questions I didn’t even know I had.

— Yolanda Grandjean, DNP, RN

If you have ever wanted to explain the difference between fadoodling and gobbledegoo, this is the book for you. Rayne and Gustin have put together an exceptional new book about sexuality and so much more. Although tailored for the nursing profession, this handbook is applicable to people in many different fields. They have written a guide containing comprehensive definitions and terminology explanations, as well as a wealth of suggestions regarding conversations during patient interactions. Perhaps most importantly, Rayne and Gustin have hit upon a beautifully inclusive framework for discussing gender and sexual orientation. This is an excellent handbook for students, new nurses, and experienced practitioners.

— Christy Tashjian NP, CPM