A Handbook for Mental Health Practitioners

Dr. Karen Rayne and Ryan Dillon have crafted a wonderful, necessary, and accessible resource for mental health care providers. As a sexuality educator myself for over a decade and as a social worker at the micro and mezzo levels of practice, I see daily the implications of direct service caretakers not being familiar wiht sexuality. It is a misnomer that “sex therapists” are somehow separate from all other proviers; while sex therapsists have special training in sexuality, all therapists will encounter the sex lives of their clients on the regular. This book provides an overview that also gives practitioners a fair amount of detail as well as next steps for urther resaerch should they want it. Karen and Ryan have taken a topic that confuses and intimdates many and made it digestible for those who need it most.

– Mary-Margaret Sweeney, MSW
Therapist & Educator